About Parivision

Pari Vision is the leading provider of soft contact lenses in India. The company, based in New Delhi, operates under the flagship of Cooper Vision, one of the leading manufacturers of soft contact lenses in the world. Pari Vision holds the exclusive rights to distribute products of Cooper Vision in India.

At Pari Vision, we provide exclusive ranges of contact lenses to the people across India to give them the best solutions for correcting their vision, including conditions such as astigmatism, presbyopia, and ocular dryness.

With the objective to become the most advanced soft contact lenses provider in India, Pari Vision houses ranges of Cooper Vision products that help people increasing the durability and protection of their most valued sense.

For enhancing the experience of contact lenses among the people of India, we provide a complete range of world renowned products including Biofinity, Avaira and Biomedics. Each of the products listed promise the wearer remarkable improvement in visual performance, complete comfort and an exceptional experience.

With the aim to keep your eyes fresh and healthy, Pari Vision makes available high quality soft contact lenses made with the finest quality lens-material which helps you to wear them without unnecessary straining and without making your eyes feel dry. This is because the products from Pari Vision are made with a unique material that has the ability to bind and attract moisture and retain it. Therefore our lenses will not only improve your eyesight but will also give you the most comfortable, enjoyable contact lens experience you will ever have.

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