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Our new Avaira® contact lenses are made from a unique material that attracts and binds water within the lens itself, keeping the lenses moist and comfortable without the need for additional lens surface treatments or wetting agents like some other silicone hydrogel contacts.

Product Specifications

Replacement Bi-weekly
Key selling point Two-week contact lenses that have an
innate ability to attract and retain
moisture within the lens material itself.
Lens material enfilcon A
UV Blocker
Water Content
Diameter 14.2
Base Curve 8.5
Sphere -0.50 to -6.00 (0.25DS)
-6.50 to -10.00 (0.50DS)
Cylinder -
Axis -
CT@-3.00 (mm) 0.08
DK/t 125
Packing 6
Remarks -

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