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BioMedics®55 Evolution

BioMedics® 55 Evolution gives improved comfort and offers a unique berration Neutralising System™,' which eradicates the aberrations inherent to the contact lens but uniquely works to neutralise spherical aberrations of the eye. This lens therefore delivers clearer, crisper and sharper vision. With all the great features, the lens continues to have excellent fit and handling.. .

Biomedics55 Evolution are monthly disposable lenses which should be taken out every evening for cleaning, and are then reinserted the next morning. After a month® use, the lenses should be disposed of and replaced with a new pair.

CooperVision, which makes these lenses, one of the world
® largest manufacturers of contact lenses, and  a market leader when it comes to soft toric lenses.

Product Specifications

Replacement 1 month
Key selling point A value-for-money monthly contact lens  that offer excellent vision, improved comfort and easy handling
Lens material ocufilcon D1
UV Blocker
Water Content
Diameter 14.2
Base Curve 8.6
Sphere -0.50 to -6.00 (0.25DS)
-6.50 to -10.00 (0.50DS)
Cylinder -
Axis -
CT@-3.00 (mm) 0.07
DK/t 27
Packing 6
Remarks -


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